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Lumina Films for
Charlie Productions for
"Free Speech"
Vertigo Films for
"The Business"
"Football Factory"
Piper Films for
"The Other Half"
Cowboy Films for
Channel 4 for
Greenlit Productions for
"Prince of Denmark Hill"
Crucial Films for
"Foyle's War"


If you have any questions about Danny's website please email:

Chris Andrews

For all professional information, including appearances, publicity etc, please contact:

Independent Talent Group Ltd
40 Whitfield Street

In the first instance please contact by mail only.

Sky Pictures for
"Is Harry On The Boat?"
Paramount for
"Mean Machine"
Touchstone Pictures for
"High Heels & Low Lifes"
Flashpoint(UK)Ltd for
"Goodbye Charlie Bright"
Boneyard Entertainment for
Strand Releasing for
"Borstal Boy"
Portman Entertainment for
"The Trench"
Fruit Salad Films for
"Human Traffic"
Central Television for
"Thief Takers"
BBC Worldwide for
"Loved Up"
Yorkshire Television for
"A Touch of Frost"
Central Films for
Granada Television for
"Prime Suspect 3"

The Danny Dyer website was created in 2002 by Chris Andrews in order to promote Danny's film, stage and television work.
It became Danny's official website a few months later when Danny viewed the site and gave it his approoval.
Since then Danny has played an active role in supplying interviews, film clips, competition prizes and various other content.
At this moment in time Danny's work load and other commitments have prevented his personal involement with the website, although we hope this will change.