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We are currently researching all of Danny's films. Each one requires cast and crew details plus a few stills. Once we have created a page for a specific film we'll add a link to it in the list bellow.
Film Year Danny's Character
Human Traffic 2 - Revolution *** Moff
Assassin 2015 Jamie
Bloodshot 2014 Philip
The Hooligan Factory 2014 Jeff
Vendetta 2013 Jimmy Vickers
In a Heartbeat 2013 Philip
Run For Your Wife 2012 John Smith
Deviation 2012 Frankie
Freerunner 2011 Mr Frank
Age of Heroes 2011 Bob Rains
7 Lives 2010 Tom
The Last Seven 2010 The Angel of Death
Dead Cert 2010 Roger Kipling
Devil's Playground 2010 Joe
Basement 2010 Gary
Pimp 2010 Stanley
Just For The Record 2010 Derek La Farge
Dead Man Running 2009 Bing
Jack Said 2009 Nathan
Doghouse 2009 Neil
Malice in Wonderland 2009 Whitey
City Rats 2009 Pete
Adulthood 2008 Hayden
Straightheads 2008 Adam
Outlaw 2007 Gene Dekker
The All Together 2007 Dennis Earle
Severance 2006 Steve
The Other Half 2006 Mark
The Business 2005 Frankie
Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael 2005 Larry Haydn
Football Factory 2004 Tommy Johnson
Mean Machine 2001 Billy the Limpet
Tabloid 2001 Joe Public
High Heels and Low Lifes 2001 Danny
Goodbye Charlie Bright 2001 Frances
Is Harry On The Boat? 2001 Brad
Greenfingers 2000 Tony
Borstal Boy 2000 Charlie Milwall
The Trench 1999 Lance Corporal Victor Dell
Human Traffic 1999 Moff