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Director:   Nick Love
Producer:   Alan Niblo, James Richardson
Writer:   Nick Love, John King (Book)
Production:   Vertigo Films
Danny   Tommy Johnson
Tamer Hassan   Fred
Frank Harper   Billy Bright
Roland Manookian   Zeberdee
Neil Maskell   Rod
Calum McNab   Raff
Dudley Sutton   Bill Farrell
Jamie Foreman   Cabbie
John Junkin   Albert Moss
Synopsis:   Based on the best seller by John King, Football Factory is a brutal film about football violence but more specifically the "firms" that instigate it. With powerful performances from all the leading actors, this film is so good it's become a classic.

Danny takes the lead role and the story is told through his eyes and draws in the experiences of the other leading characters as they create mayhem against rival supporters. Things come to a head with a cup draw between Millwall and Chelsea.
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