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Director:   Joel Hershman
Producer:   Trudie Styler, Travis Swords, Daniel J Victor
Writer:   Joel Hershman
Production:   Boneyard Entertainment
Danny   Tony
Clive Owen   Colin Briggs
Helen Mirren   Georgina Woodhouse
David Kelly   Fergus Wilks
Warn Clarke   Govenor Hodge
Adam Fogerty   Raw
Synopsis:   Based on a true story, it revolves around a group of convicts who become hooked on horticulture. With the help of the prison Govenor and the Royal Horticultural Society the inmates get sponsored to submit an entry into the prestigious Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

Danny plays Tony, one of the flower loving inmates. Although only a small part he does get to work alongside Helen Mirren again. He gives a solid and worthy performance.
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