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Director:   Justin Kerrigan
Producer:   Alan Niblo, Emer McCourt
Writer:   Justin Kerrigan
Production:   Fruit Salad Films, Irish Screen
Danny   Moff
John Simm   Jip
Lorraine Pilkington   Lulu
Shaun Parkes   Koop
Nicola Reynolds   Nina
Dean Davies   Lee
Synopsis:   The movie every parent should see if they want to understand their kids. Drugs, pubs, vinyl and violence, it's what being young is all about. Take it or leave it, you can't ignor it. This movie is a pro-drug, ecstasy ladened trip, with a great soundtrack.

Danny is Moff, and along with his mates they live how they want to, fuck the system, it's there for the taking. It's honest, it's funny and it's frightening. A hughly sucessful film, it gave Danny and some of the other cast the exposure they deserved.
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