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Director:   Menhaj Huda
Producer:   Tim Cole, Nerys Hughes, Alison Owen
Writer:   Colin Butts (Book), Eitan Arrusi (Screenplay)
Production:   BSkyB, Ruby Films, Trijbits Productions
Danny   Brad
Rik Young   Mario
Des Coleman   Mikey
Davina Taylor   Alison
Ralph Little   Trevor
Donna Grant   Heather
Synopsis:   This is another "feel good" flick. Danny takes the lead role as a tour rep in Ibiza for "Young Free & Single". It's hot, loud and sexy, which is what every guy wants on holiday. It's also a race to see which rep can win the prize for most sexual conquests. The reps handle endless nights, endless booze and sex the best they can. The only down side is their manager, an arrogant selfish bitch who makes their lives hell at every possible chance.

This is a fun, easy going movie based on the cult novel of the same name by Colin Butts.
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